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Stretch Wrapping
Goliath offers a comphrensive range of stretch wrapping equipment to suit every application.

Semi-automatic Systems:
Turntable System

Mobile Systems:
Mobile units battery operated semi / fully automatic systems for wrapping anywhere in the warehouse!

Hybrid Cut & Grip Systems:
Rotary Arm System (with optional Film cutting)
Goliath is proud to bring this ‘next generation’ wrapping technology to the Irish market. Combining the technology of an automatic system in the body of a semi-automatic wrapper through its film ‘cut & grip’ functionality, this machine will increase your wrapping output by at least 30% while minimising the operator effort & involvement in this previously labour intensive process!

Fully Automatic Systems:
Rotary Arm & Turntable
Ring Wrapping
Stretch Hooding

Available in any of the formats noted above, Goliath can design a fully automatic wrapping system to suit your particular requirements to 150 pallet loads / hour!


  • Under Wrapping
  • Top Sheet Application
  • Automatic Corner Post Addition
  • Load Weighing

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